I’m pretty sure I’ve been having weird/verging on bad dreams cus I keep falling asleep to criminal minds. Yet here I am. Falling asleep to criminal minds


my dog likes think she’s really small and can share a chair 




my brother left because there was no room on the chair



this has to be the worst picture ever taken of a football player 


i think you mean the best


im gonna hit the hay


Being sarcastic a lot kind of has the downfall of never being able to sound even a little bit genuine ever


someone:  have you ever written a play before

me:  well yes, yes I have


That friend who isn’t happy until they get a high five👋🐶 by Amymarie Gaertner


i hate when people complain about how technology is “ruining everything.” i have over 200 pictures of my dog on my phone and i can send them to my friends when they are sad. how is that ruining anything. why do you hate happiness

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The best ever episode of catfish


Chickens may live for five to ten years. Some even a few years longer. Five years equates to 1825 (!) days. Just imagine, they live only 43 out of 1825 days, which nature has intended. That’s approximately 2% of their natural lifespan. Their lives are literally - and rather drastically - being cut short by the demand of people contemptuous of life and the ruthless meat industry. Not to mention the atrocious methods which are put into use to make chickens grow morbidly fast and suffer.

I hate my social anxiety. I was at a friends birthday party and as soon as more people came that I didn’t know I started to freak and left.
But it’s ok cus I’m really tired and hungry anyway and now I have food on the way and I can lay around and watch criminal minds.
Gotta get ready to work and then fuckin knock my homework outta the park tomorrow.
Goin to the library straight after work and I will be studying my ass off probably with a large amount of coffee with me.

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QuestionI'd love to see a whole plant based shopping list and cooking for beginners. Like, what would I need to cook for myself for two weeks? I live off of amy's soups and burritos and want to start cooking more. Answer


Check out my vegan pantry list; it includes ingredients that I usually have in my kitchen, prices of ingredients and a recipe for each ingredient listed. Here’s a video on vegan grocery shopping; it’s basically a person going around a grocery store and pointing out not so well known vegan options. Is It Vegan? is an awesome app to use while grocery shopping. Check out Well Vegan’s sample vegan menu and meal plan which includes a downloadable shopping list, meal plan and recipes. Vegan Health offers a few vegan meal plans as well. The-Secret-Vegan offers a few cheap and easy meal ideas here. Here are essential easy and quick recipes. Here are quick and easy dinner ideas. Here’s a vegan quick and easy round up. I suggest starting off with easy recipes like tofu scramblesbreakfast burritosstir frys, fried riceone pot soups and one pot pastas. I also suggest keeping snacks in the fridge/pantry/on hand such as veggies and hummus, fruit, crackers, nuts, etc. (I also suggest keeping bananas in your freezer to make one ingredient ice cream and also frozen fruits for smoothies). I always say this, but spices are so important to me so stock up on those if you can (there’s a list of spices/herbs that I keep on hand up in the link to my vegan pantry). If you’re interested, here are some general tips from me for going vegan. Also, here’s my vegan resource masterpost and a vegan starter kit that I highly recommend. At first it can seem difficult, but as you keep trying out new ingredients and new recipes you’ll get pumped about how great and in depth your dishes are becoming. I hope this helps some and here’s to making awesome meals!